Hello! My name is Ryan Gaspard and I’m happy to welcome myself into the world of word press! I don’t have too much to say other than I’m just really happy that I could find this platform to write on. I love to read and learn about new subjects, typically bouncing back and forth for weeks till I find something new. Astrology, travel, self-help, spirituality, diet, exercise, science, theories and thoughts…..well…pretty much anything and everything that makes up a curios mind will be posted almost daily!

I love music in any shape and form, or should I make that a little more vague and say art in general, because lets face it, as I get older, you really can’t define art into one single category. I fancy Greek architecture and mythology, practically any ancient historical civilization and their way of life. Im planning on ┬árooting myself in the great state of Colorado in the next year, from there starting a career hopefully writing for newspapers or hopefully get a freelance writing opportunity traveling.

Currently trying to learn French, so if you have any pointers, let me know!




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