Indescribable Ink

So today was as much of a chaotic day as you could claim. Completely unplanned. Yet everything that was planned was complete. I was met with a hell storm of rain going through Houston as I headed for a final tattoo session. A final ordeal that was long over due. As much as I loved Galveston, and as much as I love this tattoo itself this was the third time to come have it worked on, so needless to say, this day has been a major relief in my book. The tattoo session was three and a half hours of arm numbing, teeth gritting pain, where my only chance to forget the pain was…well…nothing, there was no getting around it. Once finished though I had spent an hour or two  driving around the town checking things out, taking a few20170807_214718

A friend of mine had let me borrow a camera which has been dead since she moved off to California. She sent me the charger though the mail for the batteries which she accidentally took with her out-of-town, so all of the photos present were taken with my Droid Galaxy. So without further ado, enjoy my mediocre photography skills!







Galveston Beach, Fishing Pier





Galveston Beach Pier Columns 






Galveston Beach Sea Wall (which has withstood the test of time)





A few surfers trying to catch a wave 














Galveston Beachs’ Pleasure Pier (reopened May 25, 2015)






20170807_133700Himalayan Taste, Galveston  (Chana Masala, Pulao, Spinach pakora, Vegetable jalfrajii, Veg Makhani (which was AMAZING) and Saag Paneer)  



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