Uneducated Allegory

Time. Isn’t it such a weird thing to think of? I mean if you really consider the idea of time, there is nothing in this vast universe that escapes the fate of time. The trees. The grass. The passing of the sun and the rise of the moon. A continuous process that will last for aeons long after we are gone. How many of us think in terms of a bigger picture though. The effects of time can be applied to our tiny microscopic lives as well.

As I take shelter in the gym from a sudden rain storm I can’t help but shift my attention towards my 5 inch phone screen. I had been busy dodging my clean clothes that I just let stack in my closet, so I figured cleaning out my messages and emails would be my second option to redeem that sense of responsibility I had never really had.

Once you really dig into the past, to see the way things use to be one can’t help but get this sense of bitter-sweet nostalgia. I had seen the friends that had once came and went. I saw the person I once fronted. I have to say I was quite charming, and confident. But now I slump my shoulders. Wondering where that boisterous hippy had gone to. I know he still hides inside of me, but it seems like the weight of the world. The complexities that life hold weed out the unstable aspects of a person’s persona. All of the fake mask ripped off in the eye of the storm.

The process lasts forever. You’re never truly finished shaping who you are, whether you let the outside world shape your soul like the water shapes the rock or you stand firm like a reed in the river, it last forever till the only thing left is dust and ash where you choose to rise like the Phoenix or lay withered away; Jaded.

The fundamental questions that early Greek philosophers has searched for. Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the self?

Isn’t it such a funny thing. The self that is. You can look back in time wondering where it all went. In reality it has never really left you. Why do we look back on our time of youth and ponder those as our golden years? Why is it so hard to stay grounded? Present, and live life dubbing our every waking moment our golden years. Why must so many people be beaten to a pulp, losing the spark they have inside their heart. What do you use and find that sets your chest ablaze? Love? Liquor? Pick your poison, just don’t let it be the past.


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