On the Road

Turning and turning, restless as ever was my head. Filled with thoughts of the unknown and my future plans. I’ve been really cracking down on what my future path will be, and even though I know personal achievements and dreams don’t work out in such a cookie cutter way, I’d still love to fancy myself with the idea of what choices I should be making right now to get the where I want.

I’ve been overcharged with a heap of inspiration from some of my favorite online mentors  such Gary Vee, Tony Robins, Casey Neistat. I just can’t help looking at their mind sets, their goals and achievements and saying to myself that I really want that. I want that charisma, that energy, that life. To be such a successful entrepreneur takes years of hard work, focus and drive. Especially not to give up on your short comings. One of the hardest things to do though is just to get started. To begin that daily grind. To stay positive, and to find what niche works for you, and to really think your dreams through. That my friends is where I’m at.

It’s not such an easy question to ask yourself, “what do I really want to do”. Much less give the answer that really rings in your heart.

“What do I love?”

“Is this realistic?”

“Do I want this, or am I trying to escape?”

“Can I really walk away from everything?”

“Will my parents care?”

“Should I care what my parents think?”

“Will I have enough money to make it?”

“What if someone hurts me, or I get home sick?”

These are just the sliver of questions, or should I say fears that pop up when I ask myself  what Id really like to do. When there are so many motives and so many fears you can help but be catatonic from the bombardment of overwhelming contradictions. It makes it hard to focus your attention long enough to see a thought through. Still, I persure an end.

I’ve sincerely pondered the idea of getting up, buying a plane ticket to next flight available and documenting my life on the road, staying out as long as I can till I feel satisfied. It seems like such a romantic idea. Tomislav Perko, author of “1000 Days of Spring” had once done the same thing. Getting up. Leaving his home country of Croatia and hitchhiked his way across the Eurasian Continent and U.S. staying wherever he could, and eating what he could, making the most out of his time on the road.

He recently accepted a TEDx talk, giving me inspiration to live out a desire of mine, whether I decide to sell all of my belongings and hit the European Coast, or I just oath to make the most out of my life and dream, traveling when and where I can. There is no real reason to put hold on my dreams, and every great man speaks of the curse of hesitation.

So with that being said. What are some the dreams you’d like to achieve? Where do you want to end up? What stories do you want to tell? Most importantly, what excuses are you telling yourself to not make the move?


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