Astronomical Getaway

So I have some very, very exciting news to share with you guys. For those that are more inclined towards the whole travel gig please stay with me while I list a few important pieces of equipment, and some information on my soon to be journey!

For all of those that are excited by stars and science, mark down the 21st of August on your calendar. This year happens to house one of our life times rarest astronomical anomalies that the United States has been proud enough to host. A total Solar Eclipse. Now wait before you search though dust and cob webs in the attic for your sons telescope, I have some bitter-sweet news. A select few states and cities will only be able to catch a rare glimpse of this anomaly. But for those that cannot make a drive to the closest city within its proximity, you can run to your nearest Wal-Mart and pick up a special set of glasses that will allow you to look at the sun while it is partially eclipsed. For those lucky enough to say you will be in the totality zone, I’m obliged to say I’ll be joining you for this one!

South East Texas, my home is currently 640+ miles away from the nearest city where the sun will be blotted from the sky as Mick Jagger would say. But that’s no excuse to miss such a phenomenon. I’ve decided to take a trip with a beloved friend and companion of mind to Jefferson City, Missouri where we would eat the cities most renown restaurants and hike the Ozark’s most scenic trails. We would be staying from the 19th up until the Eclipse itself on the 21st. The occasion could have come up at a better time. Getting my blog started, I’m ready to exercise the art of writing for travel and food! There will be many pictures and stories to be shared soon enough, but for now Id like to post a few necessities I’ll be brining along the way!


What is a trip without a camera to solidify all of your beautiful memories, plus who wouldn’t want to take a picture or lapse video of stars that stretch to every corner of the Milky Way.


The friend I happen to be taking with me is lucky enough to have a father with an interest in astrology. A few planets will be visible, clearer than ever at the time of the Eclipse and what better way to get a real view than with a telescope.

Sleeping Bag and Camping Necessities 

Sleeping in the national forest isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those wishing to save an extra buck and the get closer to the land, camping isn’t such a bad idea. To those that are staying in a motel, or Air B&B, leave your water bottles, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, freeze-dried food, and hiking cloths at home.


How could I make any of this happen without this precious little piece of equipment!

General Hygiene Toiletries 

Even if you sleep like a wild animal, no one wants to smell like one!

Plenty of Cash

It would be foolish to leave a wad a cash and cards at home just because we are traveling on a budget. Do not forget to bring extra cash you can afford to use incase of an emergency!

Heart and Enthusiasm 

The most important thing to bring, your heart and enthusiasm for adventure and the unknown. You never know where your trip will take you, but that’s why you do what you do right? The thrill of it!

All in all, this will be a very fulfilling trip filled with memories I can only imagine right now. I’ve never set sight on an eclipse so this will be completely new to me. I also haven’t stepped foot in Missouri since the Hurricane pushed my family and I to the Big Cedar Lodge in Branson.

Leave a comment below on some of the must have things to bring with you while traveling and hiking, and for those Astronomically suave, fill me in on your favorite constellations! Safe Travels!


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