The Undoing

So as I have to state, as I was thinking about the content that is provided by my blog, I just want to explain one thing. There is no set guideline that I will be following, this is a mere hobby of mine as I enjoy writing and wish to share specific situations, thoughts, theories that I enjoy. Some days will be as if i were publicizing a diary, other days as if I’m writing an article that should belong in a National Geograpic magazine. The options and ideas are endless and I tend to keep it that way as I grow more experienced with writing.

In the interest of word-smithing I seemed to have lost about half of the vocabulary and literally talent that I had contained within me during my academic days. I suppose I couldn’t be any luckier though. Each person gaining something different from their past. For me, the lack of interest I had payed towards school when I was younger really payed off, because since I had no real taste in what learning could be like, what stories math equations could speak, and what a magical world words on page could bring you, I had all of the world to learn now, nothing to lose, and all to gain. What a mysteriously beautiful and amazing place this world is that we live in, and better yet, how inconceivably beautiful the human brain is. I far as science is concerned they have stated that the average human uses somewhere around 5% of his total brain. 5%. That is staggering considering what we have achieved with only 5% of our brain. Maybe there are a few acceptions like Nicolas Tesla and Albert Einstein, exceeding the limits of what is averagely used by our brain. Never the less, as a whole, the discoveries and advancements that humanity has surpassed in the last 2,000 years in unimaginable. From horse drawn chariots to Rocket Fueled metal dicks (as joe rogan would state) that are responsible for some of our generations greatest achievements. All possible because of the mind.

As science would later claim, and study. We know very little about the way the human brain functions and operates. To this day, we have yet to explain exactly how the human brain creates emotions, because in reality, thats all it is, a set of stimulated neurons within the brain generated by outside stimuli, and if that doesn’t humble even the most neurotic of citizens, then I have no clue. NOTHING IS IN CONTROL.  YET, we can shape the way that the world is perceived from the inside, because even though emotions are a product of stimulation, it is believed that you can shape what stimulations cause which emotions, based on how you think about that said situation or circumstance (neuroplascticity) . Oh, and might I add, its a two way street. Thoughts affect emotions and emotions affect thoughts. I personally find it easier to change the way I feel during the course of a day than my thoughts because unfortunately I couldn’t put a leash on them if Cesar Millan were to assist.

For example. Today, like many days, consisted of a morning run, a simple snack, and a few morning chores, towel folding, dishes, ect. The one thing that stuck out to me though is that while on a drive over a close by bridge, it had overlooked the Gulf. A true sight to behold. I hadn’t known why I was so thankful for this moment, but it didn’t matter. It was truly mesmerizing, to the point that if I had let it take ahold of me, I might had ran off the bridge, falling to my fate. The way the sun shimmered off the surface of the dark blue water like the most precious of diamonds. The way the sky contrast from the sun. All of it. Lucid as ever.  It had been the same bridge that I’d crossed a thousand times before, but something was just different. Everything glimmered with life, I was truly at peace for a moment. Happy. Content.

You see. Ive dealt with negative people all of my life, and will continue to come across them in the future. I had been one of them in the past. I had let myself get down. I had fueled the fire that never runs out of fuel. There is an old Cohered and Cambria song that says “pain is only opposed, if you jus stop feeling it” and its not that I don’t feel pain, I do. I feel heartache, I feel lonely, I feel stressed, and depressed, but these are only fleeting glimpses of emotion that no longer have any control over my life anymore. We can do something about the way we feel, and unfortunately too many people do not practice this. If you feel down, counteract it with love, with something that excites you, that gets your energy flowing, something that completely shakes the foundation of whatever you are experiencing that is negative. Whatever it is, your well being depends on it, as did mine. Slowly but surely, that pain, that negativity will begin to diminish within due time as long as you attempt to replace whatever you are experiencing.

I had lived in a deep dark hole, and although my life isn’t the way I necessarily want it to be, it is a hell of a lot better than it was some three of four months ago. It didn’t just come. I had to work for it. I had to try my hardest to be grateful for the pain that I experienced because weather we like it or not, that is our road map to wellness. You have to look at yourself as such. Be grateful for everything that you experience. Look at your past as something to cherish, because it really did shape who we are, not WHO we are. We are creatures of habit, false beliefs, unwanted perceptions that fog our delicate infrastructure that we call the “self”. Until we “shed our past” and learn to live a life of gratitude, grace, and benevolence, I don’t think we will see the true beauty of what this world can do for us and others. If I had not practiced gratitude, I don’t believe the realization of beauty would have occurred any later. I love you all, and I especially love this earth. Its time we start taking responsibly for the way we behave towards others and most importantly ourself.




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