Uneducated Allegory

"What do you use and find that sets your chest ablaze? Love? Liquor? Pick your poison, just don’t let it be the past."

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On a night like tonight, Where senses run amok. The taste of distain, The memory of nothingness. A void in my soul, A rift in my mind. The choices I've made, Catching up at last. I need to let go, A day I can't get past. Life; Tarnished! I know what need be achieved, I... Continue Reading →


The inaudible melodies that take up space in my mind, the subtle sweetness that makes up the face that I find. I can taste the sweetness of your skin, still, The curves of your body on mine, I feel. To pick apart the puzzles of our love, rearrange them in time and space; back to... Continue Reading →

Winds of change

When will those that represent the whole of the country they run accept the power with total responsibility and compassion for those they govern instead of taking advantage of the position they are granted for their own needs. How many people must be at the mercy of greed and selfishness till we settle for peace.... Continue Reading →


The Days are hard, long and rigorous, with the sweat of my brow trickling down my anxious cheeks. Change is formidable and expected of the human condition. It is something I know little of, much less life. Yet all I can do is swim though the endless stream of thoughts where my hope for an... Continue Reading →


Hello my word press peeps! I'm ashamed to agnowedlge such a length in time since my last post, yet I am reluctant to claim that I'm in much better spirits, a more optimistic attitude. I'm writing on the night of a significant anomaly, a full moon, one in Pisces to be exact, the House of... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Nostolgia

Isn't it such a funny thing that we get what we ask for? Whether the statements are purely mental or we fruit them into fully formed sentences pointed towards another. We all have desires on multiple levels. Expectations. You could almost categorize our desires as the ancient Japanese categorizes the Human experience. They believe that... Continue Reading →


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